B4A Library ePubReader + WebReader

In August 2016, I accepted to help Robert Cole from South Africa for a professional project. Despite he was fully satisfied by my work, he did not fully pay me. For the missing part, I received only threats and lies. As M. Cole has no exclusive rights on the whole and no right at all on some parts, I decided to offer to everyone two of the libraries made.
Let's thank M. Cole for this nice gift to the community! ;)

So here's an ePubReader library with an extended WebView to read the ePub pages.


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Thank you M. Cole for this great gift you give to us!

I for myself are not interested in reading epub but if i ever have this requirements i´ll surely donate to you, @Informatix

Thank you for sharing!


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OFF TOPIC : How can someone get a library exclusive rights ?
...if you sign a contract that grants him the exclusive rights. Exclusive distribution rights are very common for all kinds of products.
In my country (France), the developer keeps always some rights on his/her creation (called "moral rights") whatever contract you sign.


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Very useful, thank you for sharing this! I'll give it a try soon.