Android Question Erro FirebaseNotification (invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26)

Lucas Siqueira

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Hello everyone!

I am having the following error when compiling app with lib firebasenotification, when I remove it from the project, my app compiles, but when it is in the project, it gives the error:

Convert byte code - optimized dex.    Error
Uncaught translation error: invalid opcode ba (invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26)
Uncaught translation error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lcom/google/firebase/iid/FirebaseInstanceIdReceiver;
2 errors; aborting


I've already taken the example [B4X] [B4XPages] Firebase Push Example but still have the same problem.

I'm on version 10.70 of b4a ...
FirebaseNotification 2.00 library ...
I already updated the sdk


I tried the solution (, but it didn't work
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Something is wrong with your SDK. Delete the current Android SDK and download a new one.

Note that you don't need to update the resources.
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