Bug? Error in Compiling (debug mode) after updating to 3.70


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I get this
B4J version: 3.70
Parsing code.  (0.48s)
Compiling code.  (1.15s)
Compiling layouts code.  (0.00s)
Compiling generated Java code.  Error
B4J line: 56
javac 1.7.0_45
src\myCompany\myProject\main.java:339: error: cannot find symbol
  symbol:  method _start_server()
  location: class main

This only happens in debug mode, and did not in earlier versions of b4j.


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Can you upload the project?
No need to. I found out that the problem seems to appear when using startMessageLoop. Please check the tiny project I attach. Don't know if it's a bug, or a fault in my configuration, but I get the very same mistake when compiling.


  • startMessageLoopBug.zip
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