Android Question Error In Placing a Call..From my App..when download from Play Store..


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Hi ,
I have make an app in which two label displaying the phone number....there is two button also by which we can place a call on the numbers displayed in Label.
Its works ok....when I install app with unknown sources.....but after downloading from PLAY Store
it show Denial:Starting Intent{act=andriod.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:xxxxxxxxxx flg=0x20000 cmp=com.andriod.server.telecom/.component.UserActivity}
Screenshot is attached.
please tell me where i am doing wrong. This is my first app.


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You should post errors as TEXT

Does the user removed the Phone Calls permission?

Did you forget to request it using runtimepermissions?
Yes.... I forget to request Runtime permission....
it is added in manifest editor...
Thanks......DonManfred...Thanks for your Help.....Namaste from India
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