iOS Question Error loading bitmap


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I placed a BMP file in my Files folder, added it in my Designer, and then assigned it to an ImageView.

It worked fine for a few days, but for some reason after adding new modules (with big string arrays) to my project that had nothing to do with the Layout, all of a sudden the image does not show up on my iPad during debug and release app.

At first I thought memory was low on my iPad, so I delete a movie I bought a long time ago, so now I have 3.5 GB available. I reset the iPad, and I still could not see the BMP image.

This is what my log recorded:
Error loading bitmap: Error opening stream: The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory

So I tried debugging on an iPhone 4S and 5S, and the image showed up with no error in my log.

Then I added some debug statements to list all the files in my Assets folder, and sure enough, the BMP file shows up in my iPhone 4S and 5S but not on my iPad.

All 3 devices are running iOS 8.3.

Any ideas?

Thank you.