Error: PlatformNotSupportedException


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I have a user that reports the following error:
get a message saying "Basic4ppc. Error loading program. PlatformNotSupportedExecption"
He reports he is using a Dopod 818pdo (aka Prophet, I-mate JamIn, Qtek S200, XDA neo) running WM5.

What is the meaning of this error?
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I'd like to activate this old thread because of a similar problem. This little program throws the same exception when running on my HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 (.NET CF 2 in ROM, .NET CF 3.5 also installed):

Sub App_Start
End Sub
response is a WebResponse of HTTP.DLL, and the program is running fine on the PC (Windows XP). What could be wrong? I tried many things to get a webpage containing German characters (ä, ö, ü, ß) and save it into a html-file, and after hours I found a solution on the PC which needs response.New2. Unfortunately, the mobile version throws PlatformNotSupportedException. It is not possible to call New2 on the mobile device.



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Did you try with 1252? Me too I've this problem (Je suis français :)) but never solved...
I think there's a function who convert these charactere in C# but I don't remember...
But with ByteConverter.dll there's no functions about this?