Error with DBComm or System.Drawing


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I wrote a program that still uses the Serial-library (and not Serial2) to draw GPS information, as my XDA Orbit has problems with Serial2. I use Basic4PPC 6.05, but no optimized compile (Serial-lib apparently doesn't support this).

Until a few days everything went fine. Then obviously I changed something, because now I receive the following error when running a Windows-compiled version (running the program in B4PPC-debug-mode works fine!):
"...Cannot find DBComm, Version=1.0.2547.17003, Culture=neutral, ..." (roughly translated from German)
On the PDA the error is less explicit:
"Unexpected error..."System.Drawing, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=..." - at least it's an unexpected error and not an expected error ;-)

I can compile and run other programs on my PDA without problems.

Any ideas? Is this the same error on PC and PPC?

Thanks for your help,

Bye, Frank