B4R Question ESP 12E Access Point Network Breaks with Windows 10

Discussion in 'B4R Questions' started by embedded, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. embedded

    embedded Member Licensed User

    Found Strange Behaviour with Windows 10....Working with ESP12E as Access Point Breaks the Network after running sometime.....but it works very good with Windows 7. Esp 12E/12F networks never breaks..I have tested it upto 8 hours several times...Why this happen with windows 10...plz help...ANY Solution
  2. tigrot

    tigrot Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I have a similar behaviour in my Fritz 7490 home router. Sometimes a wireless surveliance camera stops and the wi-fi stops as well. I have to reset the router and camera to resume operations...
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  3. tigrot

    tigrot Well-Known Member Licensed User

    That's to say it could depend on driver/hardware and not on OS
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  4. techknight

    techknight Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Windows 10 breaks alot of things. Trust me on that one.
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  5. techknight

    techknight Well-Known Member Licensed User

    The problem with Windows 10 is the fact that its still two different operating systems in one. Alot of issues stem from that fact, Because there are tons of settings in control panel, But at the same time there are similar or same settings in "Settings" app. Both of which run on different wavelengths.

    There were several instances where I had to go into Settings and change some things, and THEN go to Control Panel and change those same exact things, Before anything worked properly. Energy/Sleep is one of them. There are a multitude of others, like User accounts, Firewall settings, etc.

    Windows 10 is a hot mess. All I have to say. Sadly, "officially" its forced upon users that need to upgrade their hardware where older OSes are not supported. Unless you want to do linux, but even that has a whole host of its own issues.

    My environment right now is Linux Mint 19 with Win7 as a Guest VM OS. Most of the time its ok, but I get a hard freeze every once in awhile, or a bad boot every once in awhile. Something windows doesnt normally do.

    Also the deal breaker for me as of recently, is the fact that ADB USB debugging forwarding through to the VM is very buggy and crash happy. itll Abort the guest OS. Alot.
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  6. KMatle

    KMatle Expert Licensed User

    Neither WIN10 nor my Fritzbox 7490 is causing any problems. Install the latest (WiFi) drivers, buy good hw (e.g. the camera) and don't blame WIN10.
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  7. tigrot

    tigrot Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I agree, there was a new firmware release for Fritz box 7490 and now it works very well and also little problems are now solved.
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