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What libraries do you find yourself using often or always that are not included with B4A? I want to give some recognition to the developers that do add on libraries, classes, and code modules for B4A.

For example, I use Andy's (agraham) excellent Threading library in virtually all of my apps.

I also use my own MLstings string library in almost all of my projects. After all, that's why I wrote it. :)

What are the libraries that you would hate to do without? We might not pay them with money, but we can pay them with a bit of recognition.

--- Jem


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Margret's StringFunctions, Erel's PreferenceActivity, Informatix AnimationPlus are my favourites

I dislike SpeechRecognizer because of support loss.

This is not a library but I would like to name Vader's B4a Object Browser as a really liked tool too.
And I did forgot the B4A HelpViewer 0.93, I still use while on the road...
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corwin42's libs: AHNavigationDrawer, AHViewPager, AHActionbar, StdActionbarHelper (I think these all should be included in standard B4A installations), without these you can barely create a Standard app

barx's libs: NotificationBuilder

agrahams: Reflection (superceded in most cases by JavaObject), Dialogs (although I dont use it in modern apps, its pretty amazing), Threading, RichString

warwounds: LabelExtras, TouchImageview, OSM, WebviewExtras

Informatix: GestureDetector, NineOldAndroids (i use this everywhere)


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In my first (and only) published Android app I used the following:

AHPreferenceActivity - by corwin42
Notification Builder - by barx
ActionBar - by Informatix
id (inputList) - by Maximus

Thanks guys! :)


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Most used

AHlocale- corwin42
Animation Plus -informatix
Notificación Builder-barx

And some classes/code snippets from klaus & donmanfred


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BigNumbers - Agraham
ByteConverter - Agraham
RichString - Agraham
Threading - Agraham
PreferenceActivity - CorWin42
TreeView - Derez
MaskedEditext - Informatix
ScollView2d - Informatix

The library which has saved me the most time is Informatix's Ultimate List View. It may be a paid for library but its worth every cent int terms of time saved.


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I use mainly my own libs (I even rewrote some of the standard ones). Not very surprising... Otherwise I use the libs created by Corwin42 (e.g. AHViewPager) and Agraham (e.g. ByteConverter). For multithreading, I use only CallSubExtended, a lib provided with UltimateListView.
I avoid at all costs the libraries written by people who left the forum.