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I want to listening some events of exoplayer or exoplayerview ,and i saw a lot of events in the website(
I saw three events in the Example(Player_Ready,Player_Error,Player_Complete)
,but i don't know how to use others(I even don't know their names), if there an event named "OnBufferUpdateListener" of ExoPlayer or ExoPlayerView.
My purpose is when the subtitle changed i get the video Position.

Additional SimpleExoPlayer listeners
When using SimpleExoPlayer, additional listeners can be registered with the player.
  • addAnalyticsListener: Listen to detailed events that may be useful for analytics and reporting purposes.
  • addVideoListener: Listen to events related to video rendering that may be useful for adjusting the UI (e.g., the aspect ratio of the Surface onto which video is being rendered).
  • addAudioListener: Listen to events related to audio, such as when an audio session ID is set, and when the player volume is changed.
  • addTextOutput: Listen to changes in the subtitle or caption cues.
  • addMetadataOutput: Listen to timed metadata events, such as timed ID3 and EMSG data.
ExoPlayer’s UI components, such as PlayerView, will register themselves as listeners to events that they are interested in. Hence manual registration using the methods above is only useful for applications that implement their own player UI, or need to listen to events for some other purpose.


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You can see all the implemented events in the IDE:
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