Examples focused for Commercial Applications, As Sales Force !!!


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Hi friends of the forum.

I am programmer of mobile apps the more than 5 years and I use the tool
Satellite Forms, that was great for me more doesn't generate apps for
Android, Sat Forms's strong point is their enormous means for the development of applications and commercial routines that has as characteristics, routines already ready that they manipulate vary tables with thousands of records 10.000 - 50.000 recs in a table and has routines already ready for insert, change, delete records in a table, creation of screens of entrance of data with you vary paginate of fields 30 -50 fields in a same screen, he makes the automatic load of a table inside of a control list or of a control dropcombo, leaving we to format the columns, allowing routines of regs location in a table, binary search recs Sort in tables, Filters can be made in a very easy way and with multiple conditions using AND, OR, can filter a table for several fields in the same filter, haul of ready routines for interface with several bar code readers, a component that he makes the direct communication with Pda using Hotsync or Activesync where we can read tables DBF or direct MDB and you transform them and you transport them direct inside of Pda, as well as to receive tables of Pda transports them for a personal computer Desqtop already saving the data in DBF or Mdb.

He would like to do all these things using B4android, in the more way
he practices and easy the as possible, it would like a lot of could convert
my application of Sales Forçe, that this written in Sat Forms for B4android,
behaving doesn't interest her begin to learn as to put a button in the screen
and to change his color, or to do a screen full of colors and effects.

I want to focus my learning today for the functionalities that I make use in my Mobile commercial apps.

Due to my need he would like a lot of knowing somebody of the forum could help myself, and at once I thank the collaboration of all.

Excuse for poor English am Brazilian user.