Android Question Excluding 4:3 Aspect Ratio Screens in the Manifest


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Hi guys,

This isn't really a B4A question, but anyway I need your help.
I'm updating an old app, but I need to exclude 4:3 (iPad style) screens in the manifest, so that it doesn't appear on Google Play for this kind of devices. Some of my bad reviews are due to this issue, so I don't want the app available for download on these devices anymore.

My app suports any screen size, the problem is really the aspect ratio. I was reading this article, but I couldn't find what I need:
Please have a look, maybe I'm missing something.

I know that I could update the code to make it compatible with all screens, but since this was my first app, I'm not willing to do it. The code is a mess and the resize method I used, despite being functional, is pretty archaic. It's a pain to update even just a few lines of code.

Bottom line, please help me exclude all 4:3 (and all other "squarish") aspect ratio devices in Google Play via Manifest.
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