iOS Question Execute Listview and Detecting Internet Connectivity


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Hi all,

I have been happily porting my B4A app to iOS over the holiday but have run into a few roadblocks. Some of which I have managed to answer myself by digging around the forum, but I do have two questions if I may pitch to the community that I haven't been able to find a solid answer on in order to accelerate my porting process.

1) My app relies on the ExecuteListView method of DbUtils, which appears to be disabled in the B4i version. Upon un-commenting it and trying to get it going, it seems to fall over as the ListView method in B4i doesn't support the Addsingleline or Addtwoline arguments. Is there any workaround for this as my app depends on being able to generate a list using this method and I am struggling to think of a workaround.

2) In B4i I used to use a combination of phone get data state and server socket to detect whether the phone has data connectivity. Since phone get data state is now broken, is there an alternative method I can use?

Many thanks to anyone who is able to offer some input.


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You can use this code to fill a TableView (add it to DBUtils):
Public Sub ExecuteListView(SQL As SQL, Query As String, StringArgs() As String, Limit As Int, ListView1 As TableView, _
   TwoLines As Boolean)
   Dim Table As List
   Table = ExecuteMemoryTable(SQL, Query, StringArgs, Limit)
   Dim Cols() As String
   For i = 0 To Table.Size - 1
     Cols = Table.Get(i)
     Dim tc As TableCell
     If TwoLines Then
       tc = ListView1.AddTwoLines(Cols(0), Cols(1))
       tc = ListView1.AddSingleLine(Cols(0))
     End If
     tc.Tag = Cols
End Sub
2) You can use ServerSocket.GetMyIp to test for a network ip address. Eventually the best way to make sure that there is a live connection is to send a request and see whether it succeeds or not.


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I have tried incorporating the above DBUtils code and while it does seem to work, no matter how I seem to code it I can't seem to get the users allocations to show while on my B4A app they are showing perfectly :(

Sub RunAllocs

SQL.ExecNonQuery("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS Allocations")
SQL.ExecNonQuery("CREATE TABLE Allocations (Date TEXT, UserID INTEGER , Site TEXT, Timeslot TEXT, Info TEXT, Postcode TEXT)")

  '    Try

    Dim lst1 As List
    lst1 = su.LoadCSV(File.DirLibrary,"Allocation.csv", ",")
    For i = 1 To lst1.Size - 1
    Dim sColumn() As String
    sColumn = lst1.Get(i)
    SQL.ExecNonQuery2("INSERT INTO Allocations (Date,UserID,Site,Timeslot,Info,Postcode) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", sColumn)
'   Catch
   ' Log(LastException.Description)
   ' End Try
  '  SQL.ExecNonQuery("DELETE FROM Allocations WHERE UserID <> '" & Main.AuditorNo & "'")

    Dim CHecktxt As String
    CHecktxt = SearchMe.Text

    If Checkbox1.Value = False Then

DBUtils.ExecuteListView(SQL, "SELECT Site FROM Allocations WHERE Date ='" & TodayIs & "' AND Site LIKE '%" & CHecktxt & "%'", Null, 0, Listview1, False)

DBUtils.ExecuteListView(SQL, "SELECT Site FROM Allocations WHERE Site LIKE '%" & CHecktxt & "%'", Null, 0, Listview1, False)
End If

End Sub
The result of the above, running after the listview1 table view is initialized, when combined with the ExecuteListView, seems to yield no records into the listview1 tableview. :( If you observe the code above I have even commented out the error trapping and was trying a simple select list statement with no criterion just to get the tableview to populate - all return no records.

Can anyone see any obvious errors in the above code?

I am starting to wonder if I am going to manage porting my app to iOS as I have ran into a brick wall with reading/writing to a csv file too... with the absence of textreader/writer I turned to a bytes suggestion I read on the forum and that does not seem to be a particularly reliable solution in place of the android text writer... but that's for another thread!


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Hi Erel,

The modules were removed as they contained sensitive information. I have removed the outstanding references to these removed modules in the attached example.

The key elements that I need assistance with are included, as well as an example allocation file that needs to populate the table view.

The issues I have are -

1) When I port the working code from B4a to populate the listview on the "ChooseLoc" activity, with the 'allocations csv' contents, nothing ever shows in the ios table view. I am lost as to why this is the case.
2) I have no reliable way of populating a csv file with stamped data now that the text reader/writer control is not available. I did a bytes implementation as shown on the "Audit" activity.

Suggestions to the above two points would be appreciated. If anything is not clear, please let me know.