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eZ Remind Me - My Personal Reminder

Another alternative to so many Reminder apps available on Play Store. Make your life more organized and never missed any event or tasks anymore (including the little one!). With eZ Remind Me, you can attach a picture to any of Reminders, set repetition up to minutes, enter some notes into a reminder (and you also can write notes before you hit a Done button to complete the reminder), do a recall to any mistakenly completed reminder (no need to recreate it again) and included the eZ Remind Us app feature (with limited usage) - Share Your Reminder!

For easy maintaining and pleasant viewing of your reminders information, eZ Remind Me had two portion of screen, Active screen and also Historical screen. In Active screen, you will see which reminders are overdue, reminders that due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, and also upcoming reminders. While in Historical screen, you will see completed reminders in list and calendar date view.

Main features:
✔️ No login required
✔️ No Ads
✔️ Lots of repetition choice (up to minutes)
✔️ Choice to stop repetition by date or by how many times scheduled
✔️ Enter notes into each reminder
✔️ Attach a picture into reminder
✔️ Clean reminders preview list
✔️ Easy to access historical completed reminders
✔️ Backup & Restore reminder data (to/from local storage)
✔️ Pop-up reminder
✔️ Automatic schedule next reminder based on their reminder repetition setting
✔️ Snooze a reminder (in Pop-Up screen)
✔️ Reschedule a reminder that has been set before
✔️ Change new picture in any of scheduled reminder
✔️ Delete all reminder occurrences or delete a single record
✔️ ... and few more

Don't hesitate to give feedback and send me any bugs or application miss-behaved to [email protected].

Some info on Share Your Reminder feature:
Share your reminder (a eZ Remind Us feature) will allow you to share your reminder with spouse, family, friends, colleagues, or anybody you want (as long as they also use eZ Remind Me or eZ Remind Us application). All members will be notified (with pop-up screen - if the feature has been turn on) at the same time! Any member can complete the reminder and you will know who completed it. Have a try!


Available to download and use FREELY (with no Ads) at:

Appreciate any feedback or bugs report ... Thank you.


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