Share My Creation EZ UnEXIF (EXIF Remover)

A very simple & handy-to-have tool to remove (or, technically blanken) EXIF information from your photos before sharing them online to protect your privacy.

Can be used to replace the original images with EXIF information removed, make new EXIF-free copies of the images, or simply share the EXIF-free images without saving them (useful for those images you merely want to share to Facebook, Twitter, online forums, etc. without the EXIF information, but do not need any EXIF-free copies of them).

Capable of batch processing too!

Give it a try! :)

NO Google Analytics or analytics of any kind, for the privacy-minded.

Special thanks to agraham for his JpegUtils library, ssg for his MESShare library, and Erel & everyone else for the help & support!

Note: don't know why it got a random two-star rating with no words 1 hour after releasing it yesterday, but the app works.

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Can anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S5 test the app & confirm whether it's working well or not (and if not, what happens)? A one-star rating says app does not work on his S5.