Android Question Fail to access phpMyAdmin database


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After re-installing NAS system because of hard disk corruption, accessing to phpMyAdmin database is fail as picture attached.



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Check the database username and password. Those are incorrect. That's why you got access denied message.
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its your mysql config.. folow this step :
  1. Open & Edit mysql/bin/my.ini.
  2. Add skip-grant-tables under [mysqld]
  3. Restart Mysql
  4. You should be able to login to mysql now using the below command mysql -u root -p
  5. Run mysql> flush privileges;
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Both of them are correct.
Based on the error it is not the case here.

As you are talking about a MySQL-phpmyadmin on this NAS-System i expect it is more than "just a NAS" (NetworkAttachedStorage). It probably includes a webserver running php also.

So, if you are following a install-routine in your NAS Config UI to install phpmyadmin it is also creating aMysql-Database TOO. You need to check the documentation what mysql-credentials are used for this new Database.

Post a link to the documentation of your NAS-System. Maybe we can find some informations in there.
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