Share My Creation FIFA worldcup football 2022

The FIFA World Cup will start in November 2022.
With this app you can keep track of the results and make a simple prediction for the remainder of the tournament. Or experiment with results yourself and see what the consequences are for the finals.
You can also set up an entirely new tournament or league.
The app is for Android and Windows; the files of a created tournament are interchangeable.
I haven't paid much attention to the layout. Tips are of course welcome.
In any case, setting up a new tournament is best done on a tablet in landscape or on a computer.
I am now mainly concerned with finding bugs in all kinds of algorithms.
I used to do something in B4A, but I have no experience whatsoever with the current B4X. I noticed that many new features are unknown to me. Fortunately, I already received a lot of tips from the community.
After all the improvements, maybe I can publish it at a next tournament.
Thanks in advance for viewing and greetings Jeroen.

download <apk> and/or <exe> file from:
apk version 10
exe version 3
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