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The biggest problem for me using an ios device is the complicated way to transfer files from my pc to the device. there are ways to do that like itunes or icloud but i hate to use them. to much steps to do to just transfer a single file. so i decided to create a simpler way and came up with File Cube.

File Cube lets you send Files via WIFI connection (or 4g) from your PC or Mac to you iOS Device (Iphone, Ipads, Ipods). just run File Cube on your iOS Device and use any
Ftp Client to start sending Files.
You can create Folders, share, rename, copy, move, view, listen to music, watch video files, and much more with File Cube.

pdf guide:

I am using Cyberduck to transfer files. First, i created a b4j app but later I was thinking why should I create an FTP client and support it while there are so many free apps out there that are much better than mine so I decided to use one of them and I choose Cyberduck because it is Free and it runs on Mac and Windows.

The app is for Free with a small limitation. You can only show up to 5 Lines in the Tableview. After purchasing the Full Version there is no limitation anymore.

File Cube


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