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Discussion in 'Code Samples & Tips' started by enonod, May 30, 2008.

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    I hope this is the correct forum:)
    I have difficulty (and cannot be alone), in remembering where I saw vital explanations, tips etc. in the forum (or elsewhere for that matter).

    I have come across and can recommend 'Personal Brain' from here...
    The Brain
    There is a free version.
    The principle is better than taking notes or jotting down a list because the link(s) you create to the post can reside under many headings (thoughts) so there are multiple ways to find it depending on what you are querying at the time.

    It is the best method I have seen because you are not dependent on the title of the note that you chose at the time.
    It is best to watch one or two of the tutorials to get going, but it is very simple to use and allows linking to or writing docs, spreadsheets, url's in fact anything.
    New inter-links can be added at any time.

    I hope this will give somebody a new lease of life especially if you suffer poor memory.
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