iOS Tutorial Firebase Integration

B4i v2.80 adds support for Firebase backend:

The libraries are mostly the same as the B4A Firebase libraries.


1. Create an iOS application in Firebase console. Make sure that the bundle id is the same as your app package name.
2. Download GoogleService-info.plist from the console and copy it to Files\Special.
3. Declare a process global FirebaseAnalytics object and initialize it in Application_Start. FirebaseAnalytics is the base of all Firebase services. The analytics object should be initialized before any other Firebase object (even if you don't need the analytics service).

The following services are currently supported:

FirebaseAnalytics, FirebaseAuth (Google + Facebook), FirebaseStorage and FirebaseNotifications (push messages).

Latest version:

Firebase requires iOS 10+.
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Will there be a seperate Firebase Banner lib aswell like in B4A?


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Will there be a seperate Firebase Banner lib aswell like in B4A?
No. There is no iOS Firebase AdMob SDK. It is the same as the current one.

Does this mean my app is now going to increase by 100mb if I use the Firebase framework?
No. It will add about 1mb - 2mb to the app size. Nothing to be bothered about.


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If you are using a local Mac then you should download Firebase frameworks and copy them to the Libs folder: (100mb) and the attached GoogleIPhoneUtilities.framework.
1. I need to extract all the files inside the into Libs folder or extract as a folder name FirebaseFrameworks?

2. Inside FirebaseFrameworks folder already have GoogleIPhoneUtilities.framework but I need to download and copy the attached file to the target folder (overwrite)?


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