Android Question Fit image on screen (portrait or landscape)


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Hi can anyone help to to scale any image to fit on my screen without stretching or distorting this image.
This is like the betterimageview but this time i want to get the new fit size of the image in my screen..
I want my image fit in my screen the get its height and width for creating panel

Sub Globals
    Dim Panel_Image As Panel
    Dim Bitmap1 As Bitmap
    Dim New_Height, New_Width As Int
End Sub

Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    'Load image to bitmap1
    Bitmap1.Initialize(File.DirAssets, "Any Image.jpg")
    'Scale height and width to fit image in screen without stretching
    If Bitmap1.Height > 100%y Then
        New_Height = 100%y
        New_Width = Bitmap1.Width - (Bitmap1.Height - 100%y)
        New_Height = Bitmap1.Height
        New_Width = Bitmap1.Width
    End If
    If New_Width > 100%x Then
        New_Height = New_Height - (New_Width - 100%y)
        New_Width = 100%x
    End If
    'Add panel to activity
    Activity.AddView(Panel_Image, 0, 0, New_Width, New_Height)
    'Set panel background
    'Center panel in activity
    Panel_Image.Top = 50%y - (Panel_Image.Height / 2)
    Panel_Image.Left = 50%x - (Panel_Image.Width / 2)
End Sub