Flat Bet Investment


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This is my first program for the Pocket PC. Would appreciate any feedback on the code and the installation devices.


Flat Bet
Flat Bet is a small Investment program. It can be used to invest on any sporting event where Totalisator or Bookmakers offer Betting Odds.

The principle of Flat Bet is to divide the Working Capital into two Banks. One bank is held as Reserve and the other Bank is used for Working Capital.

A percentage of the Working Bank is bet on each event until the Working Bank has doubled or made quite a lot of profit. The Working Bank in then to be Transferred so that the Capital now consists of the Reserve and the Working Bank. A new Reserve and Working Bank is then worked out to
commence betting again.

Likewise if Losing the Working Capital so that it has become too low a Bank to work with then do a Transfer so as to establish a new Capital, Reserve, and Working Bank.



To use Flat Bet do the following:-

1. Start the Program
2. Select the Files -> Open Bank Data (this loads the Working Bank and any Existing Bet investments).
3. Do any Investment Bets. (New Bet, Save Bet, Result)
4. Save the Bets at end of Betting by selecting Files -> Save Bet Data.


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Thanks forum users for looking at my first prog with Basic4PPC - Flat Bet. I notice no replies about bad installation on the device so I must have done that correct.

No comments on my code so it must be ok.

I will now add an About Box recognising B4PPC and distribute the application over internet and torrents.

Should be good advertising for a great product, B4PPC.

Now for my next project..........