Wish Flexible layouts (RelativeLayout etc) in Widgets.


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I love B4A, but I would like to see the ability to use flexible layouts such as RelativeLayout, LinearLayout, or FrameLayout in home screen Widgets.

I know this has been raised before in the general forum, where widgets do not fit well on differing screens. "The problem is that B4A creates a non scalable layout (it uses AbsoluteLayout with fixed positions and sizes for the views)."

My latest issue was with widget layouts between a Samsung Galaxy Note phone and a Samsung Galaxy Note Tab Pro 12.2 tablet. As many Android devices, the screens scale very differently. The same widget on the tablet looked tiny. I created a version solely for the tablet which improved it, but did not fully scale before jumping from 3x1 to 4x1 cells.

Layout differences for anyone in a similar situation were: for one cell, increased from 72x72 to 90x90; for 3 cells, increased from 220x72 to 288x90.

Solutions mooted in the forum from 2014 suggested adjusting the XML, but warn that this may be complex.

However, if there is an upgraded ability to use RelativeLayout formats, all these issues should be resolved.

I'm sure I will now be shot down, but I believe that a high level language should shield users from tinkering with XML. B4A is well supported across the world, and it would be good to strengthen it even further.