Flutter Desktop !! B4x clone ?


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B4X is unique as product. There can be (and there are) many competitors. But B4X remains a unique product of its kind. In particular, in the last 3 years it has reached a level that is truly unique on the market. I'm sure, looking at the latest futures that Erel has included in B4X that we will soon have a single product that will allow us to create cross reference applications even more easily and quickly.
Let's not forget that B4X also has products that allow development for ANDROID, IOS, WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, ARDUINO, RASPBERRY PI, ESP8266, AND MORE.
Ultimately i don't think there are tools like B4X either for ease of use or for development speed

Jack Cole

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Flutter is not much like b4x at all. It may have some use, but b4x is much easier to learn, use, and develop apps with. Flutter has no visual designer, and you have to build the UI all in code. B4x is a much more mature development platform than Flutter.

There are only 2 slight advantages to Flutter. You can have a single code base. It is open source. B4x has so many other advantages that any advantages Flutter has are dwarfed by b4x. I really tried to like flutter, but I just couldn't do it. There is just no way I want to spend at least twice as much time developing an app compared to b4x.

B4x becomes better for cross platform development every year. The XUI libraries, shared modules, conditional compilation based on platform, layout conversion tools, and cross platform libraries make it the best cross platform development system I've used.


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Jorge M A

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In my office we need to develop desktop applications as well.
I'm happy learning and developing with B4J!
Try other tools under these premises? Who takes the risk? I don't.