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  1. wes58

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    I have the following sample code:

    How can I exit the loop if certain conditions are met. Normally you would use "Exit For" statement in For loop but it doesn't work here.
    I know I could change the value of i to max. value when I get into the "If... end if" code but I need to know the value of i that stopped the For loop in the rest of the code?
    I guess I could assign value of i inside "If ... end if" to another variable before changing it to max value but that complicates the code (unnecessary).
    The same is with While loop
  2. JesseW

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    It's not Exit For, it's just Exit in B4A. It exits the inner most loop, no matter the structure (ie. For Next, Do Loop, Sub, etc..) I ran across this myself.. :)
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    Thanks for that.
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    Hi! How can I count down with
  5. DonManfred

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    For i = 100 To 0 Step -1
    ' do something
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