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Hi all!!

This is a "special-forum-only-just-for-fun" release of an app that I published some weeks ago :). As I am never happy with the UIs, I'm contiuously modifying it...and while I was doing it, I thought to make this special version as a gift for the forum.

You can download the App HERE

It is a multi-puzzle app, where you can choose the style, shape, and theme images to solve. In this version, some known faces and avatars appear :D

So, a Big Thanks to all the forum members who have agreed to 'borrow' their avatar. I hope you will like the results.

(A small disclaimer)
The chosen avatars are a mix of historic members, great contributors, members who I appreciate, and also friends who have helped me debugging the original app. Many of them fall into more than one of these categories.
So yes, somehow it is a tribute to some members...and someone may ask: why these ones and not also others? It's easy:
  1. It's just a game.
  2. Since I wanted to publish it already, and time was limited, I wrote some members that came to my head. Among these, only those ones who could see the message in time, and responded have been included. Many others deserve it, I agree, but (see 1)
  3. There will possibly be more versions. So if you want to be included (and say "Hey, folks!! I am famous and appear in an App!!"), and your avatar is not just a solid color, pls tell me and I'll be happy to include you in the next version ;)

Tip: rotating puzzles are easy. Slider ones can be evil, but I know that you can do it!! :p

Have fun!!!!


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It looks and sounds amazing, Jordi.
I have downloaded and installed it but I am at work now so I cannot play it.
In the upcoming days over the holidays, I will have the time required.


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no changes needed to be made for me. altho the avatar suits all males that don't have one the image has problem parts (top left = bottom right) for the turn puzzle.

I don't think I ever saw the female one before as the few females used an avatar image.