Forum upgrade almost complete 👍


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I can see it (thunderbolt) only...
decreasing the horizontal size of the browser (PC - Firefox) until the bar with the logo and "Anywhere Software" disappears.

Same with Chrome (full screen).
I think it is due to my display resolution setting, not the maximum available, "only" 1366x768.


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A small comment.

On Chrome browser on Windows 10 the search text box "hides" the cursor in the left hand border when the box is first clicked.

The effect is a bit disconcerting - did I click the box or not?


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Tried to buy the add on and wasn't even able to register to the developer site...
Yeah, I tried to register and got the same problem. The developer has clearly got some sort of bug happening that they aren't aware of. And because of short-sightedness, they are very difficult to contact in other ways:
  1. I tried register at their site -> it claimed my valid email address wasn't valid
  2. I tried their Contact form -> it accepted my data, but I haven't received a reply, so who knows if it reached anyone?
  3. I tried looking up their dns record to find an email address -> none visible
  4. I tried registering at XenForo to contact them that way -> registration worked fine
  5. I then tried actually contacting them, which I wasn't allowed to do, that forum is only for XenForo customers
So I've run out of options as I'm not willing to buy a license to XenForo just to contact the developer.

The next step, if Erel is willing, is for him to login to the XenForo forum (I assume he has an account there) and contact the developer by using this link:


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In the search bar next to 'New posts' is the number highlighted in red. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I find the red background very distracting and mistaken it for a notification or reaction. A less noticeable background would blend in better.


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Adding add-ons to the forum includes all kinds of risks. In this case I don't have enough confidence in the developer so I can't take the risk.
Yeah, I can understand that. However, we still have the problem with signal-to-noise ratio getting worse and worse. That's not critique, it's just a side-effect of us getting more and more members posting in language sub-forums, which most of the rest of us can't read.

I have no idea how receptive XenForo is for new ideas, but perhaps I could at least wish for you to post a wish on their site, for them to add some sort of user-configurable forum/thread filter into the base forum package to a future version?


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it's nice that when you paste a google play link that it grabs (part of) the description and a thumbnail.

the collapse appears to be gone again? I noticed it was buggy and settings got lost after a while.


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this addon is deactivated due to its inconsistency.
I used it to improve visibility on my mobile device. I collapsed some sections that I don't read.

I'm sorry it has been disabled I found it useful. 😭