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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by jeterry, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. jeterry

    jeterry Member Licensed User

    The attached program allows the user to take a inventory count on a handheld and transmits the data back to a FTP server and then the user can then receive new inventory items to count.

    The transmit to the FTP server, using the code as provide by Brian Rathbone, works great. The problem I am having is receiving the new data back from the server. I can get the file size from the FTP server, but I can't get the program to start receiving the data.

    I don't if there is a command to send to the FTP server to start sending, other than the "RETR" command.

    So could someone please offer some in site as to what I am doing wrong. The receive part of the program starts at line number 305.

    The program is attached. Along with the data and a pdf file that has some of the barcodes for the product code in the database.

    The FTP server I am using is FileZilla.

    Thanks before hand for the help


    The program allow the user to enter inventory items either by the product code, user lookup or they can use a barcode scanner to enter the product code.

    The program has been tested on the desktop using a Symbol model ls4004-1000 scanner. The program was tested on handheld, using a Intermec 751c. The Symbol scanner generates a carriage return automatically. The Intermec has an option in the scanner setup to generate a carriage return, via the postamble settings, these are \x0D , (case-sensitive), this will generate a carriage return after the data is scanned.
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Did you try to use the FTP library instead?
  3. jeterry

    jeterry Member Licensed User

    Sorry I missed that one

    Thanks Erel, sorry completely missed the FTP one. :signOops: Thats what happens when you assume to much. I just saw the one by Brian and didn't notice the library

    Will work it out. When I get it working I post it in the open projects.

    Thanks again
  4. jeterry

    jeterry Member Licensed User

    FTP still does not work


    I cannot get the FTP to work with my program. The program will connect to the FTP server, changes directory to images, but when you click the button to upload the program, the program indicates a error. The error is attached, in the jpg file. The error just states, error uploading file.

    I created the FTP example in the FTP help file and it works, both uploading and downloading. The example program is attached. I also attached the server log that was generated by FileZilla, that shows my program and the FTP example.

    So could you take a look see and see what is going on or what I am doing wrong.


    Attached Files:

  5. Mr_Gee

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    I'm playing with the thought of a similar program for counting inventory.
    But I was wondering why you choose FTP?

    My program would use PHP and MySQL on the server and SQLite on the device.
  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Did you try to upload a different file?
    Did you first close the SQLConnection?
    The database file may be locked.
  7. jeterry

    jeterry Member Licensed User

    That Fixed it

    Forgot that the file was still in use. Works great now.:sign0060:

    Thanks Erel

    Mr. Bill

    As to why I selected ftp. Simple to setup via ftp and the app would not be used off site. Customer's hand helds require docking to attach to network, no wi-fi.

    FileZallia FTP server is free and it will run on win xp pro.

    In my case, the windows accounting program that I developed use btrieve, I use a obdc driver to extract the data from the acct. data into the sqlite database and read it back in. The driver can be found here:http://www.ch-werner.de/sqliteodbc

    I just believe in the kiss method.

    Thanks for asking

    Once I get the rest of the items finished I will post the code, into open source projects.
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