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Bladimir Silva Toro

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I want to learn how to make a copy of a file to an FTP, I want that when for example the file is 40 MB and the FTP has already been uploaded 20 MB, it will inform me in a progress bar that goes to 50%.

I need to do this in Vb.NET and in B4A, can someone help me out?

Thank you.

Brian Dean

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I think that Erel misunderstood your question. When you start an FTP job you can include an event handler that will get called with progress status, something like this ...

Sub Class_Globals
    Dim FTP as FTP
    Dim filesize as Long
End Sub

Sub uploadFile(dir As String, filename As String, hostPath as string)
    filesize = Round(File.Size(dir, filename))
    FTP.UploadFile(dir, filename, False, hostPath)
End Sub

Sub FTP_UploadProgress(hostPath As String, TotalUploaded As Long, Total As Long)
    Log("Uploading..." & Round(TotalUploaded / filesize * 100) & "%")   
End Sub

Sub FTP_UploadCompleted(hostPath As String, Success As Boolean)
    If Success Then
    End If
End Sub

This is not tested code, by the way, but a guide to what I hope you are looking for, unless I have misunderstood your question.
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