Android Tutorial Full private chat and multi-chat (similar to Whatsapp)

NovaChat is a private chat class module (Multi-User in next version) that has almost all the functionality of instant messaging.

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NovaChat uses the phone as a Server, specifically Erel's HttpServer library.

The data is stored in the phone's memory, and can be limited if desired so as not to use a lot of space.

Four biggest advantages of this Chat are:

  • 1. Chat is simple to use and can be used free of charge over the internet using the No-IP Service [Replace Everywhere where the Ip address is by the domain name obtained in No-Ip and add the port at the end (For example: and go to put the Ip address by default ( in your domain name configuration];
  • 2. The data to be sent leaves from the phone to another phone without going through a Server somewhere, so a message cannot be intercepted while being sent, even without encryption the data is safe;
  • 3. Each phone is a Server for the other phones and a client for itself;
  • 4. Chat Brain is a class module that you can modify as you wish.
The advantage is that you can change the data storage to any host or database you want, just change a few lines of code.

For the chat to work, this 3 modules must be able to be: NovaChat, ChatServer and AudioCall.

Detail of Nova Chat:

  • AcceptVoiceCall ' Accept the voice call
  • BlockUser (UserName As String) ' Block a contact
  • CallAccepted ' When the contact accept my voice call
  • CloseWaveFile(Dir As String, FileName As String) ' Finish a recording voice message and save to the phone storage
  • ConvertToTimeFormat(ms As Int) As String ' Covert seconds to time. Example: 2:35
  • CreateFileNameImage (MessageImageTo As String, FileNameImage As String) As String ' Create a file name image
  • DeblockUser (ListUserBloquer As List, UserName As String) ' Deblock a contact
  • DeleteDuplicateMessage (FriendName As String) ' Delete all duplicated messages
  • DeleteMessage (FriendUser As String, TextMessage As String) ' Delete a specified message
  • DesactiveUserOnMuteNoctification (ListUserEnSilence As List, UserName As String) ' Desactive a contact to the mute noctification
  • DownloadMessageComplet ' Download message success
  • DownloadMessageFile ' Download a file message
  • FileNameAudio ' Create a file name audio
  • FinishedToRecordForYou (FriendName As String) ' Send a message when i finish to record for a friend
  • FinishedToWriteForYou (FriendName As String) ' Send a signal when i finish to write for a contact
  • FriendWriteForMe (yesWriting As Boolean, YesRecording As Boolean) ' When a contact write for me
  • FrienFinishedToWriteOrRecordForMe ' When a contact finish to write or record for me
  • GetAllProfilImgeFriends ' Get images profil of all contacts
  • GetAudioDuration (FileName As String) As String ' Get audio file duration
  • GetContactNameByPhoneNumber (FriendNumber1 As String) As String ' Get contact name by your phone number
  • GetContactsSize As Int ' Get contacts friend size
  • GetImageType (FriendName As String) As String ' Get the image type
  • GetMessageHeight (FriendUser As String, MessageSize As Int) As Int ' Get height of message already saved
  • GetProfileImage (FriendName As String) As Bitmap ' Go to take the image profil of a contact
  • GetUserBlocked As List ' Get the list of contacts blocked
  • GetUserOnMuteNoctification As List ' Get the contacts list of the mute noctification
  • GetVoiceDuration (FileName As String) As String ' Get voice message duration
  • GoToTakeFileName ' Go to take a file name to the contact before to send
  • GoToTakeNewMessage ' Go to take a message
  • GoToTakeNewMessageSize ' Go to take the message height
  • Initialize
  • isFileMessage (Message As String) As Boolean ' Verify if the message is a file
  • LastContacts As List ' List of last contacts already on conversation
  • LastMessages As List ' List of last messages
  • ListAudioFile As List ' List of audio type accepted
  • ListContacts As List ' List of contacts friend
  • ListFile As List ' List of documents type accepted
  • ListImageFile As List ' List of images type accepted
  • ListVideoFile As List ' List of videos type accepted
  • LoadAndPlayAudio (FileName As String) ' Load and play an audio file
  • LoadAndPlayVoiceMessage (FileName As String) ' Load and play a voice message
  • MediaPlayer_Complete ' Playing complete
  • MessagesNoRead As List ' List of messages no read
  • MessagesWaiting (FriendName As String, MessageText As String) ' Add a message to waiting messages
  • NewMessage (FriendName As String) ' Add the contact in the list of contacts already on conversation
  • NewMessageText (FriendName As String) ' Send a message to a contact
  • PauseAudio ' Pause a voice message
  • ReadMessage (ContactName As String) As List ' List of messages with a contact
  • RecordingFinish ' Recording finish
  • RecordNewVoiveMessage (FriendName As String) ' Send a signal when i record for a contact
  • RecordNewVoiveMessageFinish (FriendName As String) ' Send a signal when i finish to record for a contact
  • RefreshContacts ' Refresh contacts friend
  • ReplyMessage (FriendUser As String, Message As String, TextMessage As String) ' Reply to a specified message
  • SaveTimeToSend (FriendUser As String, TextMessage As String) ' Save time to send message
  • SendAudio (DirFileAudio As String, FileNameAudioFile As String, MessageAudioTo As String) ' Send a audio to a contact
  • SendFile (DirFileText As String, FileNameText As String, MessageTextTo As String) ' Send a document to a contact
  • SendImage (DirFileImage As String, FileNameImage As String, MessageImageTo As String) ' Send an image to a contact
  • SendMessage (FriendUser As String, TextMessage As String) 'Send a message
  • SendVideo (DirFileVideo As String, FileNameVideo As String, MessageVideoTo As String) ' Send a video to a contact
  • SetMessageNoctification (Friend As String, Message As String) ' Set the noctification when a message arrive
  • ShareMessage (Message As String) ' Share a specified message
  • SingUp (MyUserName As String ,Number As String) ' Subscribe to chat
  • StartRecording (FriendUser As String) ' Start recording voice message
  • StartWaveFile(Dir As String, FileName As String, SampleRate As Int, Mono As Boolean, BitsPerSample As Int) As OutputStream ' Create a wave file for voice message
  • StopRecording ' Stop a recording voice message
  • streamer_RecordBuffer (Buffer() As Byte) ' The above check is required as the last message will arrive after we call StopRecording
  • TimerRecordingTime_Tick ' Get voice message duration
  • tmrGetNewProfil_Tick ' Get images profil of all contacts each 20 minutes
  • tmrResendMessage_Tick ' Resend the waiting messages each 5 minutes
  • TypeFiles (Message As String) As String ' Get a type of file in all types accepted
  • UserOnMuteNoctification (UserName As String) ' Mute noctifications of a contact
  • verifyIsFriendIsOnLine (FriendName As String) ' Verify if friend is online
  • VideoCall (FriendName As String) 'Call a contact by video call
  • VideoCallReceived ' When i receive a video call
  • VoiceCall (FriendName As String) ' Call a contat by voice call
  • VoiceCallReceived ' When i receive a voice call
  • WriteLabelMessageHeight (FriendUser As String, Height As Int) ' Write message height
  • WritingNewMessage (FriendName As String) ' Send a signal to a contact when i write for him
It took me over 5 days to write this code for everything to work properly, so I think it's worth a little donation before to get it:



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From that thread, I read ooVoo is dead. Am I wrong?
From internet search:
On June 10, 2014, ooVoo released its app for Windows Phone devices. On September 9, 2014, ooVoo released its Video SDK for WebRTC. On November 25, 2017, ooVoo announced via Twitter that it will be shutting down, citing a lack of profit.