Full screen problem after using CCD camera

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by hung, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. hung

    hung Member Licensed User

    My code
    flb.new1("form1", B4PObject(1))
    imgbg = ccd1.getimage(1024, 768, 3, "form1", "cam1")
    form1.show ' try to make full screen again
    form1.focus ' try to make full screen again

    Problems is: after use ccd1.getimage, the original fullscreen form1 can not show full screen. The top bar shows the Start and Time.

    How can I resume to full screen?
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Did you try to call flb.fullscreen(true) again right after the call to getimage?
  3. hung

    hung Member Licensed User

    Yes. That works. Thanks.
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