Full screen testing on PC


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Is it possible to test full-screen programs on the PC? My buttons near the bottom of the screen have to be moved to the visible area to test them.

Also, I ran into a problem where I did all the coding on the PPC, then compiled on the PC. The program ran OK, but required a PPC reboot before it would run again. I'm starting over, testing after each change, but is there anything in particular to watch out for?

I also got up to 1500-2000 lines or so on the PPC and then it wouldnt allow any more characters to be inserted. Splitting into txt files solved.

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You could test your full screen applications on the desktop.
The device IDE is limited to 64k. The solution is to use the code modules.

If your application contains an endless loop (usually with DoEvents inside) it may not be completely closed when the application terminates.
You could use the Form_Close event to make sure you are exiting any such loops.