Android Question FYI / INFO: AVD Manager / Emulator on Steroids inc Google Play


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Just an FYI.

I have an AVD Manager with the ability to mix and match / create devices which include google play services and even a working google play store.

The way I got it was simply installing the "Android Studio" which has the advanced VD and Emulator as part of it. Once I created an AVD in Android Studio, starting the emulator enabled me to use it with B4A. I also found the command line to start an emulator without starting Android Studio
C:\Java\x86\Android\android-sdk\emulator\emulator.exe -avd Nexus_One_API_28 -writable-system -selinux disabled -qemu
The above is the start of a rooted Emulator, and you will of course need to create your own virtual device and change the directories accordingly.

Did I mention you can install Play Services and the play store....

01 AVD Manager.PNG
02 AVD Manager.PNG
03 AVD Manager.PNG
04  AVD Manager.PNG
05 AVD Manager.PNG
06 Emulator.PNG

There are probably hundreds of tutorials on youtube and the web. But it really has a lot of config options