Share My Creation G-Gateway [beta] (Currently for SMS)

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    G-Gateway is an Ethiopian based free SMS messaging platform for software developers worldwide. It can be used to simulate SMS based software projects before they're integrated to third party gateway systems. Basically, G-Gateway has its own smartphone app that is built with B4A and will make one of the devloper phone as acting SMS gateway. G-gateway has Slim-Framework powered backend that uses Firebase to talk to smartphone device having G-Gateway app. By consuming our RESTful API, It's easy to send any SMS to clients. The project is still growing. I just initiated a very basic feature but I also have a plan to proceed and add more features If you all have any suggetions.

    N.B (Any message you sent via your Phone will be charged as per your country's telecom provider)

    Official Website:
    Official API Documentation:

    Possible to check the beta version, please install the android app first to get the API key.
    Will it be a good solution for software developers?

    Thank you! DaniDPX

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