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My game is almost ready but I find myself with no levels and I have a problem.
How do you increase user experience when playing the game , is the game boring or have so litle to offer from initial startup ...I guess this will decide the future of the game.

I have amost everying ready but yet no levels yet ...
I ask myself several questions:

How much does the user play until level complete ?
How to improuve user experience on startup ?
How do you use collectable and how many to use in the game ? Do I need collectable...has my game enough entertainment so that I will need to add the store panel to the app where user will have to upgrade guns ?

Game creation seems to be more dificult that I thought, level design and user experience are the things that we all shall work on.
What do you do to start adding action to the game.
I found myself with several problems when adjusting level dificulty because did not know when actually to stop and how to interact between game speed ,dificutly , user life, how to control the randomly generated objects.

Is there enough to change backgound and enemy skin to create a level ?
How much do the player have to spend in the game before upgrade to new wepon or feature ?

Thank you
Will come back with my level design and comments.


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it's kind of hard to give advice by just knowing 'shooting game'.

it's all game depending and there are no real fixed rules for/about this.

also players have their own skills (or not) so if it looks hard enough for you it might be still too easy for some and impossible for others already.
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My game is now live here:

Here is some of the controls that I have used to improve user experience, I have modified by playing and testing several scenarios.

- number of enemy (I could not increse much the enemy number)
- number of birds (user did not had time to shoot all birds if too many birds)

- control the time for wait before next collectable will be availlable
- set up minimum distance from player to bird to release a collectable bonus

- migrate from shoting on screen touch to continuous shooting
firewait=350 - 15*Min(totalgift,10)/10
- chanceled shooting sound for the enemy hit sound !!
- control the shooting frequency and decrese the speed with the number of collectable in then game
- change the shooter behaviour and strenght upon number of collectable (still needs improvement)

- shooter point at player on x axis only when user try to kill enemy !!
- randomly assign shooting and enemy speed
- randomly assing respawn position

-control and asign a steady constant enemy shoots by waitbeforenextshoot constant
-control the frequency of mate eating enemy when too many around mate then enemy escape to go further and threaten the player
-control the player shooting and upgrade upon score status(not realy sure that this is good ...I guess the gun upgrade should be don after collect bonus)

- migrated from 5 lifes availlable to 3 lifes, which actually makes level more difficult but I
search youtube and found that too many lifes is not a good practice.

Have no idea how the game feels to the user , my 5 years old kid seem to find this very dificult ..the game miss the dificulty option

I released with 1 level , just waiting to see if it worth working on other levels as game level creation is something that starts after game coding.

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