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Try to solve the math based puzzles while keeping these rules in mind...
A value placed in a cell can not reappear in the same row.
A value placed in a cell can not reappear in the same column.
The math operation for each group should be correct.
Groups are surrounded/marked by black lines.

menu-forum.png game1.png game2.png

Libs used: icore,iadmob (ads),ihttp (ranking),irandomaccessfile(ranking id verification)
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very nice. what graphics lib did you use ? Can you use the code for iOS game to export to Android as it is or it needs serious modifications ? Thank you.


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hey dim,

the used libs are always mentioned in the first post.

I didn't use anything special for the gfx.

I create the game for android first as I can test this easier on a computer as I don't always have my iPhone 4s handy. (main phone is still some old Android)

When that works fine I adjust the code for IOS.

Depending on the structure this requires some to a lot of changes but after a few games you start to know what to use and what not so it's minimal now.

Most of the time the IOS version is ready in a few hours.

Sometimes you notice the IOS version here a few days later but that's not because it takes so long to write it but it's the reviewing at apple that takes so long.
They are usually uploaded at the same moment.