Share My Creation (Game) PolyMath

Welcome to PolyMath the polygon based math game.

Try to solve the polygon equations by placing the right values in the bubbles.

Depending on the color of the polygon you need to apply additions or mulplications to the values.

Level shapes get harder as you advance in the game and when all levels have been completed it switches to randomizing level shapes giving you endless math pleasure.

Good luck and enjoy our new math games.

Libs used: icore, irandomaccessfile (settings,levels), iphone (stay awake), ihttp/ihttputils2 (scoretracking/leaderboard), iadmob (ads)

Level editor done in B4J as usual.

menu-android.png game1-android.png game2-android.png
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it's nothing special actually. just a bunch of imageviews, labels and based on grouping relations lines with a fill color.