Android Question GenyMotion is great but tabhost --> scrambled

Bas Hamstra

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For some reason the tabhost tutorial example (old style tabhost) shows up slightly scrambled in GM. It works, but it looks not as smooth as it should. Tried 3 or 4 simulated devices, all same problem. Why???

- Android emulator (accelerated HAXM) --> perfectly smooth tab buttons
- GM --> everything renders great except tabhost buttons

The good thing is HAXM emulator works great with rapid debugger too (could not do old style debugging with HAXM), so there is less need for GM (GM=ultrafast though, and boots faster too).

Bas Hamstra

PS: let me specify "slightly scrambled": each tabhost buttons seems to be divided in 2 vertical parts, as if each button consists of 2 adjacent buttons. Functionality is perfectly normal.