B4J Question Get TreeItem using X, Y co-ords for Drag'n'Drop


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Can you get the treeitem under the mouse pointer using the X,Y values from the mouse events?

I'm using the dragdrop library which is really good but having problems dragging from a TableView to a TreeView. It all WORKS fine if I just want to drop anywhere in the treeview and use whatever the selected treeview item is. But I'd like to drop onto a specfic treeitem under the mouse pointer (not just the selected one).

In VB.NET you had GetNodeAt(X,Y) but I can't find a similiar method in JavaFx. I found this article which refers to impl_picknode but I can't get it working with Reflection (method not found or not matched?) :(

Any ideas? I'm new to B4J and I don't Java.


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This is what the internal documentation of this method say:
* Finds a top-most child node that contains the given coordinates.
* Returns the picked node, null if no such node was found.
* @treatAsPrivate implementation detail
* @deprecated This is an internal API that is not intended for use and will be removed in the next version

Doesn't look like it should be used.
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