Android Question GifDecoder Problem

Marcos Alves

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I'm having some problems with gifdecoder... when trying to load big gif files with this, I'm get the error:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 1920012 byte allocation with 242424 free bytes and 236KB until OOM

    Dim EncGIF As AnimatedGifEncoder
    Dim DecGIF As GifDecoder

    Log("gif size -> " & File.Size(File.DirInternal,"temp.gif"))
    DecGIF.Load(File.DirInternal,"temp.gif")'<< original gif path

It looks that is occurring because the library tries to load all the frames in the memory. If I had the source code could try to load the frame only when required, reducing a lot the memory use...

Does anybody can help?