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I write a voice clock program that auto inform time. I can write 2 .exe file:
1. Talk.exe - have no form, just talk time.
2. Setup.exe - have a form to set the time that will call talk.exe (after a hour / 2 hours...).

The problem is I want to write only 1 .exe file that can set and talk. Anybody give me an idea, please ? Thank you so much.

Ps: Sorry for my bad English :)


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Read the command line arguments & then set up the exe to behave differently depending on the value passed. You'd need two shortcut files though.

From the manual:
Reading the command line arguments is done using a special built-in array named args.
Use ArrayLen to find the number of arguments available.
In order to simulate command line arguments from the IDE you can use Tools - Command line arguments.

Sub Globals

End Sub
Sub App_Start
For i = 0 To ArrayLen(args())-1
End Sub


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I don't really see the need for two files....
From what I can see, what you want is some kind of alarm-clock that instead of playing a laud sound will "say" the time..

It seems simple to do, but You'll have to have the Wave, mp3 or whatever sound bits you need created by you...
Then in a timer keep checking for the system time and compare it to the setted time, if this is an alarm-clock, or check for the hour value, and if true play the sound file...

P.S.: If this is to be Open-Source, I am trying to create an on-line partnership to develop Open-Source projects....


Hi all,

To LineCutter: Thank you, I have the same idea :)

To Cableguy: I write 2 .exe files because I want talk.exe only "talk", not show any form and don't light on the screen... The setup.exe use to set option so need a form.

I'm very happy to make this as an Open Source. Anybody help me?


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Yes, nice demo....Still to get a "natural" we have to play with the words...

I'll send you a pm with my e-mail so we can talk on-line...
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