Android Question Goodbye Windows 7? B4A / B4X on a Chrome Book / Chrome Box?

Syd Wright

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From today onward Microsoft has terminated the support for Windows-7. For various reasons I don't want to use Windows-10 if I can avoid it. For example, I still program in Visual Basic 6 which does not run on Windows 10. Also Windows 10 has a nasty reputation for violating the user's privacy and is vulnerable to virusses and ransomware.

I am therefore considering buying a Chrome Book or a Chrome Box (better, faster and safer!). It would be wonderful if I could develop B4A apps (and maybe even B4i, B4R, B4J and B4x) on a Chrome Book or Chrome Box! Would that be possible and is Erel maybe considering this?

I do realise that this will be a major project for Erel. Maybe an intermediate solution could be to use a Windows Emulator, like the company "Codeweavers" has made available?
Will B4A run on "CrossOver Chrome OS" by Codeweavers? Ref:


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is nowadays still true for both Microsoft and Google. Both have there security and privacy issues related with their profit business plan. And Yes Windows 7 will still work today and for the coming years. After the autumn update in 2019 of Windows 10 you can of course be charmed by an account and all your data in the cloud. If not you can still develop and run your software development on Windows 7 and local storage with off-line local backup. And perhaps you still have an old windows laptop on which you can replace you Windows version by Linux Mint. You will be suprised how fast this OS operates on that old slow Windows machine. And with a Firefox browser and login to synchronize your activity between both machines you can stop browser on one machine and go further on the other machine where stopped. So I see also no reason to store and let store my personal data in a OS cloud. Just a matter of keeping your anti-virus up to date and keep you browser tide with spybot.
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