Google Dart - The possibe java replacement language for Android

Jim Brown

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As a long term plan it would seem Google could be replacing Androids underlining Java language with their own Dart language.

While Google has put an immense amount of work into optimising Android with Java there's the long-term ongoing spat with Oracle which may be one of the biggest factors to sway Google into dropping Java.

You can try playing around with Dart via the online editor here:

For a nice tutorial series see:

So, for the future, where does this leave b4a? Should there be a transition over to Dart or stick with Java?


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Welcome to the next b4d :)
Actually, it should remain B4A, but include a new "Compiler Options" menu inside the "Tools" menu.

For example:
Tools > Compiler Options > Use Java.
Tools > Compiler Options > Use Dart.