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I am working on the concept of a project that will display a zoomable satellite view of a rectangle of 70km by 30km. A number of waypoints will be displayed that show information when the waypoint icon is touched. It sounds very much like a simple Google Maps project of defined bounds but the only problem is that it must function WITHOUT internet connection.

Previous experience with Google Maps shows that data for a particular zoom level that has been already viewed is cached and remains available offline, however this is unreliable as the cache is at the mercy of the OS and totally unpredictable.

Is there a method of hard-cacheing a limited area to guarantee availability offline ?

........If not any suggestions ?


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You need an offline tile archive containing the satellite imagery.
If you have or can obtain the required tiles then you can use OSMDroid to display this offline tile archive.
A forum search for 'MOBAC' should give you further info.

However you're not allowed to download and reuse Google's map tiles in your own map.
So you need to find a source of free satellite tile images.
I know of only one possibility and that's MapQuest Open Aerial.
At the bottom of the page i just linked to is a link to some Terms & Conditions of use.
Do some reading and find out if you are allowed to bulk download MapQuest Open Aerial tiles and use them in your own application.
Also (importantly) check that the MapQuest Open Aerial tiles have acceptable coverage for the area you wish to display.

If there's no restrictions on usage and your area is covered then you can use MOBAC to bulk download the tiles you require and build an offline tile archive.
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