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I start Google Maps through Intent from my app. This works fine. Maps is starting and route is working.

Since v11 of Android it looks like Maps is a bit instable and has crashes, most time around destination. This looks like a Maps problem.

My question:
Is an Intent like a Windows CommandLine or like a Windows ActiveX for my app? It looks like my app is restarting after Maps has chrashed, so it looks like Maps is a part of my App, instead just started from my App.

In short: Does a crash of an App started through Intent affect/influence my App?

I hope I explain my question well.

Kind regards,

- Does anybody also has crashes of Maps lately?


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It is possible that Android will kill your app while it is in the background.

Using TomTom intent instead of GoogleMaps, all is working fine.

It looks like Android 11 has changed something in context with Maps and I can't find a solution.
I changed my Manifest with:
    <package android:name="" />
Find on another thread and searching the internet.

Now Maps is not crashing, but switching back to my App after using Maps, the form is empty (I use Statemanager to prevent this).
This is not happening using TomTom and switching the same way.

Can someone point me in the right direction to investigate this problem? I am almost out of options.
Android 10 and before is working fine with Maps and the same B4A source.

Kind regards,
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