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Robert Valentino

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When a user purchases a renewable subscription I place items in the developer payload.

What happens when the subscription renews?
Does Google place the same stuff in the payload?

How do I know a Renewed subscription from a purchased subscription?

Some of the stuff I put in the payload are Purchase Date and the purchase GPA number

Do these change when the subscription is renewed?

Just realized that I might have some problems when my users subscriptions start to expire in a few months.


Robert Valentino

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Thanks Erel

WOW that rots. According to that article / posting the purchaseTime does not change even when the order renews.

I store my the orders if a raf file so if the user doesn't have an internet connection for some reason the software will work.

So now I have to know it has expired but because I still get the order assume that it has been renewed.

Will have to rethink how I handle this stuff

Anyway I can do what they recommend
Since purchase query this way is not reliable, it makes more sense to call Google Play Developer Purchases.subscriptions: get API from a backend to get Purchases.subscriptions resource which will return expiryTimeMillis of current subscription.
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