Google yet again disgusts me šŸ¤®


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This might very well be one of the benefits of Apple charging $99 per year to be in the store.
i agree with Fillippo about the support from apple. not once they called me about an issue with my apps and made sure i understood the problem. even though sometimes they are annoying with their requests but at least there is communication with real humans and almost in all cases the problem is solved even if it can take some time for that.

about the 99$/ year fee. i must say that i like this concept. the biggest problem with google play store (from a developer's point of view) is that you have too many apps there. the reason for that is because everyone can pay 25$ and have a lifetime license to upload any stupid app he makes. this is why you will find 1000s of the same apps with the same concept. with apple it is different. if you don't make revenue from your app you won't pay the 99$/year what means all your apps will no more be available in the store. this gives other developers that make quality apps a better chance and visuality in the store. so it's like in the jungle the strong animals will survive. with google, it does not matter if your app has for years only 1 install, and then you will find too many junk apps that are not relevant but still can be found in the search bar.

another good thing with apple is that you cannot name an app with the same name as another app. if you try to create an app in the console and there is already an app with the same name you will get an error telling you to change the name. with google, it is not the case. this is something very important in my opinion.

today i like making apps for apple much more than for android even if i make more revenue from android i like more working with b4i. :)
bottom line: we as developers need to focus on both platforms. in the end, we are making apps to make revenue from them and you cannot ban all ios users because of princip. you only hurt yourself.


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I dont like Apple for only 1 reason. you cant sideload anything you want without certificates, and even so, it expires and quits working after a year.

I do alot of highly specialized apps that dont belong in the App Store and dont want to front the bill for the enterprise stuff you need to do this, so Android it is.


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Today Google removed an app that has been published since 2020, with the reason that the current Google guidelines are no longer met by the app.
This can't happen with Apple, because for an app the guidelines that were valid at the time of release always apply.
You only have to adapt an app to the new guidelines with the next update.

I can only agree with you.


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Today is my lucky day. :mad:
Just removed the second app from Google.

I wrote this below, let's see what is answered.
Enough! I have had enough!
It can not be that an app that was approved and published with the current guidelines, and then after a few months, just because Google changes some guidelines again, the app is removed.
If Google does not change something, then I will delete my account!

This never happened with Apple!
Because if an app was approved with the current guidelines, it will never be removed just because the guidelines have changed.