iOS Question 'GoogleMaps.h' file not found WITH REMOTE COMPILER


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My first time on iOS and having several issues. After converting my code from b4a that was written using b4xpages I had a b4a library that was converted either, changing it to b4xlib

I am getting this error:
/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/B4iProject/b4i_yslidingpanels.h:1:9: fatal error: 'GoogleMaps.h' file not found
#import "GoogleMaps.h"

I have tested downloading a tutorial with googlemaps and compiling and running on iOS and it worked.

So seems the problem is not googlemaps or my enviroment at least.

there is no GoogleMaps on my library, its purpose is to create something like ASViewPager. The reason of not using ASViewPager is that it does not work well with GoogleMaps.

(is there another option instead ASViewPager that is b4x compatible? so I dont use my library )

Any help?


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Check this:
It is not a cross platform library but it is quite similar to B4A TabStripViewPager.

My guess is that you created a b4xlib and added a dependency on GoogleMaps. The B4i library name is iGoogleMaps.
Reviewing my library there is no googlemaps dependency

B4A.DependsOn=Reflection, Phone, JavaObject

Not sure I am missing something for iOS

The library is similar to ASViewPager, in android, on iOS I removed any animation and it is just a array of panels that are switched

What could be causing this googlemaps dependancy?
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