GPS Color Speedometer and TomTom POI editor

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    Hi all,

    based on Erel's GPS-Example i wrote a speedometer changing its background color at common speed limits.

    You can also save the current coordinates as a waypoint in G7ToWin data format and in a POI file for TomTom navigator.
    There is also a small editor for the TomTom POI files.

    Have fun with it!

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  2. Erel

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    Thank you for sharing :)
    It is recommended to zip the source code along with the required libraries so it will be easier for new user to use the applications.
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    here is the zipped file with both source codes and the libraries.

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    advanced tomtom POI (OVI) Editor

    this creation is based on Wolfgangs tomtom POI Editor sample. Many Thanks to him! :sign0060: Now it is also running with the optimized compiler.

    tomtom POI files are often very large so that I tried to make it a little bit faster. I replaced the major parts that are reading and writing the .ov2 files with Binaryfile.dll instructions. Additionally I added an explanation of the .ov2 file structure. Therefore, anyone can continue optimization.;)

    The Zip includes a ready to use .exe for devices with .NET 2 (or higher).

    Best regards

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