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    Her you find a small utility for all owner of a GPS mouse with an Antaris 4 Chipset from u-blox.

    Tghis is a highly configurable GPS platform and there is a very complete software for both Desktop and mobile windows called u-center.

    I just needed to switch between 3 settings, so i wrote this little app.

    You can just set one of the 3 modes for dynamic platform:
    2- Pedestrian
    3- Automotive
    6- Airborne < 2g

    The other possible modes for
    1- Static
    4- Sea
    5- Airborne <1g
    7- airborne <4g
    are not implemented

    All changes sent to the mouse are imediately active and remain valid until the next power down.

    To maintain a setting it has to be saved with the UBX-cfg-cfg command.
    This is also implemented.

    in the attached file you will find the compiled exe, the sourcecode and the serial DLL.

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